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We are very grateful to the individuals, trusts and organisations that have funded our essential service for the last 25 years. In 2022 we had a cashflow scare because of a gap in funding.

We have received pledges of partial funding until 2025 and your donation is vital to our resilience. 

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Every donation has a very high impact

For every £1 spent on running the advice centre, we help local people receive over £10 in welfare benefits they are entitled to. (And welfare benefits are not the only area of our work).

Please give generously today:

  • £300 will cover the running costs for one day (we open 4 days per week)
  • £5,000 will cover the running costs for one month

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GIVE to Filwood Hope by cheque, CAF, bank card (PayPal Giving Fund or GiveAsYouLive) or by bank transfer. 

BOOST your donation with Gift-Aid (if you’re a UK tax payer) – gift-aid form

How we use money

Running an advice centre is a very effective way of helping people: we typically have 4,500 visits per year. As we have been open for 25 years, people know where to find us (the main way people find out about us is a recommendation from friends/family).

100% of money received goes to running the advice centre, which is safe, stable, predictable, neutral and culturally appropriate.

FUNDRAISE with an event, a Facebook fundraiser, a sponsored challenge (e.g. GoFundMe), sell on eBay for Charity, or host a tea party.

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Your gift allows even more of our time to be spent with clients or researching solutions on their behalf, instead of filling in grant applications.

£665 per year is 1% of our annual budget

£1,280 covers our running costs for one week

£1,662 per year is 2.5% of our annual budget

£2,660 per year is 4% of our annual budget