Our services

Form filling : Personal Independent Payment; Capability for work Questionnaire…..

Any form that is proving difficult to complete; let us help you.

Letter writing: Appeals to council or similar bodies, consumer issues and complaints.

Food fund: linked to the local foodstores and able to make referrals.

Legal : Support to access the best possible help.

Benefits : Help and support to access department of work and pensions.  Benefit advice.

Debt : Expert advice available.

Council Housing : Advice on council and private tenancy available.

Counselling : A listening ear or intentional counselling support by appointment.

Who uses the centre?

Filwood Hope is successful in providing accessible advice to the majority of the Knowle West estate. In 2014/15 over 5000 people visited the centre.  This is largely an even split between men an woman.

In 2014/15

17.5% were 18-35

13.4% were 36 – 45

31.3% were 46-55

19.5% were 56-65

17.4% were over 65

How did they hear about us

People hear from:

Church, Doctors, Friends and family (53%), Jobcentre, Live locally, Word of Mouth